Adaptive Rowing Seat

This adaptive seat manufactured by Neaves Rowing Services has been the result of 5 years of Development and Testing. Our directive by B.R. was to produce a seat suitable for fixing to a Concept II Rowing Machine with further development to follow to use in Rowing Boats on the water. During the design period many modals have been produced and a number of modifications have taken place. The result is a stable, secure, strong seat with several different disabilities considered.

Up until now Neaves has had a number of hoops to jump through to introduce this seat to the open market. The biggest hurdle has been securing suitable insurance cover for adaptive users. We have invested a lot of money, time and effort to get this right and to this stage and with the help of B.R. we feel this is now ready for production. Currently 20 units are in use with B.R. and the feedback from its users has been extremely positive.

This seat is solely manufactured here and is now ready for production. The intention of Neaves Rowing (once the buying confidence is there) is to batch produce several seats so they are available “off the shelf” and are available upon request. Being manufactured here we will also be able to provide spares and replacement parts as time moves forward.

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