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Adaptive Indoor Rowing Seat

The Neaves adaptive rowing seat, made to fit onto a Concept 2 rowing machine.

Rail clamps included.

The Seat
The seat is manufactured in house at Neaves. Its framework is of an Aluminium construction with all the frame clamps fully C.N.C. machined obtaining a consistent control during batch manufacturing. The back of the seat is adjustable in height and angle for support. The seat and back are fully supported by a moulded foam pad, also manufactured here local to us. This specialised company is experienced in moulded foam and supplies similar products worldwide. Fixing the seat to the rowing machine has been achieved by a series of clamps machined to fit the Concept II rail.

Fitting the seat assembly is achieved very easily and can be fixed by most. A set of instructions are included with the seat. The clamps can be adjusted for a strong fixation to rail that has been tested by our British athletes in training.


Please get in contact with us if you have any questions about this seat – by email; admin@neavesrowing.co.uk or by phone; 01929 450018


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