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Sculling Gullwing – “V” Block


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Our “Gullwing A-frame” rigger with the Neaves ‘V’ Block is a great all round performing A-Frame rigger. The Neaves ‘V’ block makes a very strong, wide platform for the pin to sit into. Together with the ‘Neaves’ sculling pins these riggers are very strong and are able to be used without backstays. This is a much cheaper option for a lot of clubs and schools and make an excellent rigger for octo’s and quads. These can be colour coated to suit your needs or to make identifying them easier in a busy boat house.

These ‘V’ block A-frames are suitable for sculling boats only.

This price is for the ‘A’ Frames only please order backstays, pins and gates separately.

Price is per A-Frame and excludes VAT.

Prices include polished or coated finish in black or silver (other colours available at an additional cost), to protect your frames from corrosion.

Please email details to

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Weight 0.840 kg
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1 off A Frame Sculling Replacement, 1X Sculling Boat – 2 Sculling A Frames, 2X Double- 4 Sculling A Frames, 4X Quad – 8 Sculling A Frames, 8X+Octuple – 16 sculling A Frames


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