Trestles, Racks and Launch Trolleys Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.

Neaves has the engineering capacity to manufacture a range of aluminium fabricated products such as trestles, launch trolleys and blade racks to meet all your club's needs. Call us for a quote.

Any design of trestle made to order. Prices on request.


Small folding trestle for single.
£35.00 each inc. VAT


Rowing boat trestles


T4 Trestle alloy foldable. £36.00 each inc. VAT
T5 Trestle for tubs, alloy. £48.00 each inc. VAT
T6 Small trestle alloy. £38.00 each inc. VAT
T7 Trestle for 4/8's £40.00 inc. VAT


T8 Boat Elevators. £30.00 inc. VAT T9 Folding Outside Boat Rack.

Prices on request.


Neaves blade rack


T10 Blade racks, made to order. Prices on request.
Dingy trolley
T11 Neaves launch trolley. Prices on request.


Offshore launch trolleyCoastal boat launch trolley
T12 Offshore/coastal boat launch trolley. £123.00 inc. VAT
If you need anything not listed please contact us and we will try to help.


Neaves Rowing Services