Thumbscrews and "T" Bolts Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.

Thumbscrews, T bolts and nuts


F9A T-bolt L=30mm M6. £1.70 inc. VAT
F9B T-bolt L=50mm M6. £1.90 inc. VAT
F10A Stainless stretcher nut M6 X 40mm. £3.50 inc. VAT
F10B Stainless stretcher nut M6 X 60mm. £3.75 inc. VAT
F10C Plastic nut M6. £2.20 inc. VAT
F10D M6 Wing nut - stainless steel. £0.70 inc. VAT
If you need anything not listed please contact us and we will try to help.




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