Gull Wing Riggers as Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.

Gull Wing with " V " Block:

The most popular of the Neaves rigger designs, this proven cost effective rig has an excellent track record and is used by schools, universities and clubs all over the world. The unique " V " block on these riggers spread the load, making it one of the strongest sculling riggers on the market. Generally back stays do not need to be used giving crews more space around the boat when manoeuvering in and out of the water. We recommend our Neaves complete stainless steel sculling pins with these riggers (see item R2 in our Spares listing under "Pins").

Gull wing rigger from Neaves rowing services
Gull Wing with Block:
As an alternative we also produce our gullwing riggers with a conventional block. These are commonly used by Janousek Racing Boats. We would recommend topstays with this frame (see items R3D and R3E in our Rigger listing under "Backstays/Pins").
Coloured anodising available at no extra cost. See our Photo Gallery for more examples.
Gull wing rigger with gate and pin


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