Revolutionary New Equipment Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.


New 2K Bowball now released:


This highly durable bow ball employs a 2-part over-moulded system hiding the core from harmful UV rays with a softer outer skin. When combined these deal with repeated impacts from daily use.

2K Bowball comes in Red/Navy Blue/Black/Light Grey and include fixings.

For more information on the new 2K Bowball click here

  2K Bowball. 1 off £8.40 inc. VAT
  2k Bowball. 10 off £7.56 each inc. VAT (£75.60)


Neaves Seat Pad:

Neaves Seat Pad
S15 Foam padded for extra comfort, neoprene back to stop it from slipping on your seat top. Although not shown, comes complete with cord and clip to safely attach your pad to your seat axle.
£13.50 inc.VAT

Bike Light Mounting Bracket:

SF1 This bracket can be used for many functions, it can be used to mount most makes and type of bike lights. These brackets can be fixed to a boat or canoe, yacht or garage with a 3M fixing pad. Sold as a pair these can be mounted any where that you require a light. The 3M tape is so good that the lighting bracket can be fixed to your craft for transportation on your car to ensure when on the road, your load is seen.

This pack contains:

2 bike light mounting brackets,
2 3M fixing pads,
1 surface cleaning pad.

£21.60 inc.VAT


Custom Anodising:

"Bling" your boat with Neaves custom anodising including rigger, footstretcher bars and slides.

All new aluminium boat parts purchased from Neaves, customised within the price.

Available in the following colours: Black, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red and Silver.

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