Footboards and Fittings Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.

Rowing footplate fittings


F7AInsert for stretcher bar.
£2.30 inc. VAT
F7BInsert for stretcher bar type "Eberbach". £2.30 inc. VAT
F8APlastic clip for stretcher bar. £3.20 inc. VAT
F8BPlastic clip for stretcher bar Type "Eberbach".
£3.20 inc. VAT
F8CPlate for nogged channel. £2.20 inc. VAT
F8DPlate for nogged channel Type "Eberbach". £2.20 inc. VAT


Rowing foot plate fittings


F6ANogged channel nylon £2.80 inc. VAT
F6BNogged channel type "Eberbach". £2.80 inc. VAT
F6CAlloy clip for stretcher bar 1 inch (25.4mm).£3.10 inc. VAT



F11 Stretcher bracket adjustable. £16.00 inc. VAT
F12 Stretcher bracket fixed (45 degrees). Stainless steel. £4.50 inc. VAT



F13 Stretcher tube, per meter or to customer length.
£6.00 per meter inc. VAT

Footboards for rowing shoes


F14A Footboards for shoes 250mm wide.
£21.00 inc. VAT
F14B Footboards for shoes 220mm wide.
£21.00 inc. VAT
F14C Footboards for flexi-shoes.
£21.00 inc. VAT
F14A, B and C include shoeplate screws, drilled to spec, and heel restraints.
If you need anything not listed please contact us and we will try to help.




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