Bowballs and Hatches Supplied by Neaves Rowing Services.


D1A 2K Bowball. 1 off. £8.40 inc. VAT
D1A 2K Bowball. 10 off. £7.56 each inc. VAT (£75.60)

D1A 2K Bowball come in Red/Navy Blue/Black/Light Grey and include fixings.

For more information on the new 2K Bowball click here.

D1B Bowball for tub. £8.00 inc. VAT
D2 Numberplate holder. £2.50 inc. VAT
D3 Barton plug. £2.90 inc. VAT
D4 Plug 24 mm. £2.90 inc. VAT
D5 Plug type "Varese". £2.90 inc. VAT
D5A Hatch black, 4". £5.90 inc. VAT
D5B Hatch white, 4". £5.90 inc. VAT
D6A Hatch black, 6". £10.20 inc. VAT
D6B Hatch white, 6". £10.20 inc. VAT
If you need anything not listed please contact us and we will try to help.






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